"Run Your Car on Water"

Advanced "Run Your Car on Water" Workshop
monthly every second Monday

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 26 January 2010, the Vancouver Gadgeteers amateur inventors club will no longer be selling its Adams motors, e-books/e-guides, DIY plans, hydroxy devices, pulsers, components, or consulting services due to the personal risks and 'inconveniences' and perceived threat level as well as the lack of support from the public, generally speaking. While it has been an interesting, and at times, exciting area of tinkering, the bottom line is that the trouble just wasn't worth it. Other alternative-energy experimenters have also paid a painful price.

The Vancouver Gadgeteers will be running "Run Your Car on Water
Level 2" workshops, from 9pm to 10pm,
on every second Monday of the month
in Vancouver and Richmond.

"Run Your Car on Water" technology
is commonly called "HHO" or "Brown's Gas". HHO is used to supplement gasoline use on vehicles. Some vehicles are running on as much as 70% HHO already, although 20%-40% is more typical.

Who should attend this workshop?
Taxi operators, couriers, high-mileage drivers. individuals, and organizations interested in
reducing gasoline consumption by 20%-40% with an easy-to-build $200 "energy-from-water" booster.

Along with seeing an engine assisted with HHO gas,
you'll also get these important questions answered:

- What parts do I need?
- How much HHO production do I need?
- What steps can I take to prevent engine rust?
- Where should the HHO fuel cell be mounted?
- How do I prevent water from boiling?
- What causes brown water formation?
- What engine changes are needed?
- Easiest way of injecting HHO into an engine.

Limited seating. Advance registration required.

* A car pool from Mountain Equipment Coop's parking lot,
in Vancouver, will be arranged.